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I love words. Effusively and perennially. I've built my career by wielding words: as a writer, performer, and teaching-artist. It's what I do best, and it's all I wanna do. I do it on the stage, on the page, and on camera. Peep my story.

As a kid, I wanted to become a teacher, then a college counselor, and then a lawyer, but in high school I joined the Speech & Debate Team and discovered that communication had drawn me to each of those careers. I began to compete in speech competitions throughout Los Angeles, learning how to use words to entertain and persuade. At fifteen, I told my classmates that I wanted to become a motivational speaker for youth. They laughed at me; I was still young! But soon after, as Miss Teen of America, I travelled throughout the U.S. and abroad, speaking to youth and adults.

Attendance at Pomona College and Spelman College ushered in experience as a television host and producer. As a Media Studies major, I studied how TV, film, and emerging communication media construct and intersect with race and gender.

After graduation, I turned down the opportunity to participate in the NBC Page Program and opted to use my voice to influence the lives of young adults. I worked with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship / USA as a university chaplain at the University of Southern California and UCLA. I served as a mentor and speaker, and I established Black Campus Ministries chapters to meet the unique needs of black students at both universities.

After I left campus ministry, I continued to teach students, first as a public speaking coach & writing instructor, and then as Director of Education at a non-profit dedicated to teaching K-12 students how to create and manage wealth and become entrepreneurs.

Since then, I have used words to impact people’s lives through the media.

I blog at Beneath the Surface: Race, Culture and the Spiritual Side of Life." I'm a freelance writer who has published work in EBONY, The Root, Los Angeles Magazine, The Huffington Post, The Daily Actor, and others. Look familiar? Perhaps you watched me sharpen contestants' public speaking skills on MTV's From G’s to Gents and Here’s the Deal. Or maybe you've seen me hosting a live event, infomercial, or acting in a TV commercial. 

I graduated from the Joanne Baron / D. W. Brown Studio (a two-year Meisner program), and I've studied improv at the Groundlings and Second City. 14 Days of Funny, the brainchild of my production company, combines my artistic training and academic background. It delivers cultural commentary through sketches, character monologues, and music video parodies. The project is socially conscious, soul conscious, and deliciously funny. It is a 2015 Awesome Foundation grantee. 

Whether in front of a camera or a computer screen, my goal is the same: to create media that provokes thought and solicits smiles. When I’m not working, I'm reading (no less than five books at a time), dancing barefoot to salsa music in my living room, or creating comedic characters in my bathroom mirror.

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