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I’m a writer and entertainer who creates socially- and soul-conscious art.

I write about everyone’s favorite dinner party topics: race, culture, and God. But don’t worry, I try to mix it up with less popular subjects like blockbuster movies, Netflix’s newest binge-worthy show, and Jay-oncé’s latest twin pics trending on Twitter.

I’ve penned pieces for The Root, EBONY, Los Angeles Magazine,The Huffington Post, The Washington Post, News One, and Faithfully Magazine. Additionally I blog at Beneath the Surface: Race. Culture. Christ."

I entertain too — on TV, film, the web, and stage.

I've appeared in nearly a dozen commercials, coached contestants on TV shows From G’s to Gents and Here’s The Deal, and hosted hundreds of live events. I'm also the creator of the sketch comedy projects When Black History First Go Wrong and 14 Days of Funny. In addition to being socially-conscious, soul-conscious, and deliciously funny, 14 Days is an Awesome Foundation grantee.

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This pic is what happens when you’re in the middle of a photo shoot and the photographer plays “I’m Every Woman.”