Although I’ve been able to work on set with brands like Toyota, HomeGoods, the PGA, and My Black is Beautiful, my favorite set is my own. Why? Because I’m a WAIP, a woman who Writes, Acts, Improvises, Produces. To write something you love is one type of high, but to perform and produce something you write is a whole ‘nother type of high. At times—most times—it feels…simply magical.

14 Days of Funny, the brainchild of my production company, combines my artistic training and academic background. It delivers cultural commentary through sketches, character monologues, and parodies. The project is socially conscious and deliciously funny. It is also an Awesome Foundation grantee. Peep some clips below!

Caption: Comedy Clip - Physical Comedy

Hosting Clip - L.A.County Fair

Caption: Comedy Clip - Original Character

TV Clip - Public Speaking Coach

 Theatrical Clip - Mom Hangover

Caption: Commercial Clip - Young Mom


I’ve had dreams of hosting my own national talk show since I was in college. As a result I’m often asked, “So you wanna be the next Oprah?” I used to say, “Yes,” but recently started saying, “No, I wanna be the first Chanté." You can click here to learn more about my experience and areas of expertise.



Why do I act? I act because I love the art of creating characters:  I love searching for them, listening to them, inhabiting them and then presenting them to the world. This process is never easy, but always worth it.  You can view my resumé here.