I’m a rule breaker… kinda. (I only break rules that I find arbitrary and unnecessarily limiting.) Like the rule that says that biographies should be written in the third-person—Why? Or the rule that says that you’re not supposed to say great stuff about yourself? Why Not? And why do bios have to be written in paragraphs? And why can’t a sentence begin with a preposition? Are we in English 101? Well, to prove how much of a rule-breaker I am, here’s a self-promoting bio, written in the first-person, in list form.

There are four things that you should know about me. (Actually there are more than four, but ain’t nobody got time for that…)

1. I like notebooks.

Like the pen and paper notebooks that they used to give out in grade school, back when they taught kids how to write in cursive, instead of cursor. I prefer leather bound notebooks, but often settle for paper ones cuz I’m frugal like that. I’ve carried them around with me since before I could write. Just ask my mother. She will verify that I wrote furiously in chicken* scratch as a three-year-old. I’m embarrassed to admit how many notebooks I own. Let’s just say that it’s comparable to a shoe addict’s closets. But it’s not my fault: I have lots and lots of thoughts to record because:

2. I’m a writer. 

I write cultural commentary pieces and essays. Oh, and comedy sketches. And features and profiles cuz financial managers aren’t the only ones who need to diversify their portfolios. I’ve published work in EBONY.com, Los Angeles Magazine, The Huffington Post, The Root, BlogHer, The Daily Actor, and more. Also I blog at “Beneath the Surface,” which examines race, culture, faith, and their intersections. My writing combines my education—a major in Media Studies from Pomona College and Spelman College, which focused on representations of women and people of color in media—with my experience as a university chaplain to Black collegians at USC and UCLA.


3. I’m a performer. 

I act — for film, TV, the web, and in lots of commercials. My Hollywood story is unique because although I grew up in L.A., I stumbled into acting as an adult, after I learned the art of performance as a motivational speaker and spoken word artist. To date, my crowning artistic achievement is my self-produced 14 Days of Funny, a socially conscious comedic web project on YouTube. It even won an award. When I’m not performing in front of the camera, you can find me on stage emceeing a comedy show, corporate event, or bar-mitzvah*. (I’m the grown woman leading a group of teenage girls through a sing-a-long to Katy Perry’s Firework.)


4. I’m a learner.

I’ve taken so many classes since I graduated from college that I’m pretty sure that I could have earned a second bachelor’s degree by now. I graduated from the Joanne Baron / D. W. Brown Studio (a two-year Meisner program), and I've studied improv at The Groundlings and The Second City. Additionally I’ve taken a plethora of writing classes, including Junot Diaz’s Voices of Our Nations / VONA Workshop.

Whether on the stage, on the page, or on camera, I am committed to creating media that provokes thought and solicits smiles. When I’m not working, I'm either reading (no less than five books at a time), dancing barefoot to salsa music in my bedroom, or creating comedic characters in my bathroom mirror.

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