9 Things I'm Gushin' over this Valentine's Day!

A V-Day gift from a student

A V-Day gift from a student

#1.  The art and craft of acting.  Currently, I'm playing an eighty-something African American woman who was born into slavery and was privileged to live through Civil War and the ensuing freedom that it brought.  Each week, I get to delve into history, inhabit her essence, and go through the "aging" process, which includes graying my hair and aging my face.  It's Awe.Some.

#2.  Writing.  It's always a wonderfully divine, faith-filled process.  From the nervousness that can come when I first look at the blank computer screen--to the beautiful (hopefully) completed composite.   Writing continues to deposit deep joy and satisfaction into my heart.  More than that, it allows me to be a creative force that voices perspectives that might otherwise be marginalized.

 #3.  My mama, a ceaseless source of inspiration.  Wanna see just one of the ways she's awesome sauce?  Read this!

#4.  Mrs. Queenie Johnson, my coach!  Oh my goodness.  I don't even know what to say about this woman, except that God uses her.  She's a truth-spitter extraordinaire.  I am indebted to her for her support and never ending wisdom that pours into my life both in word and by example.

#5.  Kristal and Meagan.  The Three Amigas!  These women are my intercession buddies, my "I need help right now" text support, and my partners in all things trouble and kingdom building.  Lovin' them this Valentine's Day!

#6.  My 49 kiddies.  I volunteer at a school and am privileged to teach literature analysis and writing a few times a week at a college prep center.  My students are funny and smart and inquisitive. Some of them get on my nerves a lot, but hearing one of them ask his classmate, "How come you get to be in Ms. Griffin's class three times a week?!"  or walking in my classroom to find the pic below on the board inspires me to keep working hard to create lessons that are creative, engaging, and hopefully mind-stretching.


#9.  Elaine Williams, my acting teacher!  I hang on every word that she says during class.  She is a master teacher, the personification of inspiration and entertainment.  

Who (or what) are you crushin' on this Valentine's Day?