Too Busy To Write?

Recently I haven't been very good at posting weekly, but it's not because I'm lazy; Neither is it because I'm not committed.  I haven't written every week because I've been busy writing other stuff.

I started this blog four years ago as a means of self-expression, and as a way to stay consistent and disciplined with my writing.  Over these years I've identified trends in my blog entries, discovered my writing voice, and increased how quickly I can lay it down on the page.  I've also had the opportunity to write for print and online publications, and made the decision to apply to get my MFA in Creative Writing.

I don't know if I will get accepted into grad school, but I need to spend the next few months focusing on applying to school and securing money for school.  Additionally, I just picked up two new writing gigs--as a contributing writer for an online publication and as a contract writer for an SEO company.  So, you may not hear from me as consistently anymore.  I may find that multiple writing deadlines per week is too much with my current schedule, ...OR I may decide that I don't want to give up my blog, as it's a forum for me to say whatever I want, without having to consider word count or an editor's guidelines.

It's ironic that my new writing projects may take me away from writing, but such is life...