Mullings on an American Holiday

It's unfortunate that the most I think about veterans and the men and women who have fought and died for my country is when I watch reruns of the TV show, Army Wives. But this weekend, I made a conscious effort to really think about how much U.S. veterans have sacrificed on my behalf.

Although I've never personally known anyone who's died in war, I thought about families who have, and for the first time realized that for them, Memorial Day is not about barbeques, beach picnics, and a day off work. To them it's a day of remembering a slain life.  While we spend the day with our loved ones, they spend the day grieving the loss of theirs.  And while we bring sodas to picnics, they bring flowers to gravesites. 

The disparity is unfair, yet real, like war itself.

This Memorial Day, may you remember not just those who were slain, but those who were left to mourn them.