A True Facebook Friend

Technology has changed more than how we communicate with each other; It has changed the composition of our relationships. Facebook has caused me to really think about what makes someone a friend, and what characteristics friend display--in cyberspace and beyond. Wondering if your facebook friends are real friends? The following are signs that he/she just might be a bonafide friend:

  •  They post the pictures that you took together.
  •  They only tag you in photos that are appropriate for your co-workers and family to view.
  • They "like" your status updates, regularly.
  • They don't hesitate to comment on your updates.
  • They are often one of the first to comment on your posts.
  • They take the time to send you messages, versus only posting to your wall.
  • You don't hear about major events in their life via facebook first; They tell you directly.
  • When you're out with them, they don't disclose your location via Foursquare because they value your privacy. 
  • They don't need facebook to remind them that's it your birthday. They already know it.

Post this link on the pages of everyone you consider to be your true facebook friends...

No, not really. True facebook friends don't pass on cheesy messages and ask you to repost to prove your friendship fidelity.