Lessons from 2011

While everyone’s talking about what they’re leaving behind in 2011, I’m thinking about what I’m holding onto. 2011 taught many lessons that I want to bring into 2012 with me. Here’s what I want to remember throughout 2012:

It doesn’t need to be perfect, but it does need to get done.

Often, the biggest obstacle is the belief that I can’t.

Now is precious. Take advantage of it.

It’s better to work on something for just 10 minutes than to not work on it at all.

If your home isn’t together, it’s hard for the rest of your life to be together.

Chopping. Running. Walking. Cooking. These things are good for me.

15 minutes of play a day makes me happy.

Artist’s dates keep me happy.

God doesn’t just give us what’s good for us; He gives us what’s good-tasting to us.

In fact, in Him is abundance. I just need to walk in it.

Love, however short-lived, is always worth the experience.

Everything will happen--in its time.

Happy New Year!