Putting It All On the Line

Young children are the most honest creatures that exist.  They say exactly what they think, and shout out exactly how they feel. They don't know any better!  They haven't yet learned how to be evasive; they haven't learned how to bite their tongues to avoid hurting others' feelings.

As I enter 2012, I am tapping into my inner-honest child. I'm seeing how much I impede my progress and hence my life, when I'm not honest.  When I fail to acknowlege what I really want, or how I really feel, for fear of how it will sound or whom it might unintentionally hurt, the person who gets hurt the most is me.
So, I'm being completely honest with myself, with God, and with those around me about what I want in life.  Some might be hurt, and others disappointed, but I'm willing to live with those consequences.

I do recognize that once you say what it is that you really want, you chance not getting it and being really disappointed.  That's okay.  The part of me that's a grown-up can handle disappointment.  If she doesn't get what she wants, she will cry, and then cry some more, but she will regroup, recover, and charge ahead again, her hand placed securely in God's.  That's what grown-up children do.