Sometimes, I wonder what our culture would be like if things were different--if we as individuals and as a society became disoriented, and then oriented--anew.

What if we valued time with friends more than our facebook chats with them?  What if we valued time with our familes more than making extra money for them through overtime?  What if we valued women's natural bodies over the photoshopped ones plastered on the covers of magazines?  What if we valued patience more than convenience?  Working hard more than playing hard?  Justice over retribution?  What is we valued our relationships more than being proven right in them?  What if we valued healthy eating over just grabbbing what's convenient while on the go?  What if we truly valued and esteemed a woman's decision to be a stay-at-home mom?  What if we valued God's Word over our opinions?  What if we valued equality in gender differences versus exalting one gender above the other?  What if we valued giving over getting?  Giving more than loaning?  What if?