I Owe You!

Everyone’s been talking about the U.S.’s credit rating spiraling from an AAA to an AA rating. Stocks have slipped; People are fearful. But what does going from an AAA credit rating to an AA rating really mean?

Well, I’ve come up with my own personal answers:

Going from AAA to AA is like going from driving a lamborghini to driving a BMW.

It’s like going from living in your own house to living in a townhouse.

It’s like going from being the Principal to being the Vice Principal.

It’s like being downgraded from bff to facebook friend.

It’s like scoring second place, from now on.

It’s like going from being totally reliable to usually reliable.

Let’s put it this way—I was about to invest in some new stock last week, but held off because of the new rating.

It means you’re going to lose money because you’re not trusted as much, and that sucks.