Birthday Fruit

Today marks the day of my birth--the day that God summoned me, leaving my mother with no choice but to push me out. Today is also the day that Michael Jackson was born.  (He would have been 53 today.)

It's interesting to share a birthday with a legend.  You feel like it's your special day, but the world feels like it's that legend's special day.  All day long the world celebrates them, while in your world, your mom and five closest friends celebrate you.  

But all jokes aside, today made me wonder what the world will celebrate about me when I am gone.  Will people remember my funny personality? My humanitarian work? My creative art?  The masses may never know me the way that they did Michael, but what will those who know me say about me? 

Seeing how the world celebrated a legend, even in his death, made me more determined to have a legendary life, even if it's only in front of six people.  

My prayer for this upcoming year is that I will have a prolific impact on however many people I come into contact with.