Unnatural Disasters

Some things in life make sense:

falling in love, having kids, laughing with friends. Other things—like earthquakes, tsunamis, and catastrophic devastation—make no sense at all.

In fact, we can lose our minds trying to make sense of what is senseless: hundreds of lives lost in a matter of minutes, cities destroyed, two unforgiving back-to-back disasters.

We can go crazy trying to comprehend events that feel like scenes in a B-level, apocalypse-type movie: whole towns submerged in water, power outages, no cell phone access, and threats of nuclear disaster.

These events remind me that death, chaos, and mass destruction aren’t natural.

They are the most unnatural of circumstances, not at all what God intended for us when we were created.

The recent “natural” disasters in Japan elucidate what we all feel to be true: It was never meant to be this way.