Oprah's Favorite Things

For several years, I’ve dreamed about flying to Chicago to sit in the audience of

The Oprah Winfrey Show

.  And for the last few years, I've secretly hoped / half-heartedly prayed that I would be fortunate enough to get a ticket to

Oprah's Favorite Things

 episode, the most valuable ticket in TV, more valuable perhaps than Charlie’s golden ticket.

I imagined the novel items I would return home with (edible lip gloss, a watch that takes photos, and kindles that come with one hundred free reads); I even made a pact with God:

If I got a ticket, being the altruistic Christian that I am supposed to be, I would keep only one gift, and give the rest away, either -- to charity or to my friends and family.

But unfortunately, that prayer went unanswered because today, I'll be watching

Oprah's Favorite Things

on TV, like everyone else, praying that I don’t slightly covet some of the items that her audience is receiving.

What will she give away today?  Video cams? Cars?  Trips around the globe? She's done it all before.

  It has to be

 spectacular.  It


the last one.  For Christmas, that is.

Given that I do love to give presents and I wouldn't mind having my own show one day, I've created a list of

Chante’s Favorite Things

, things that I would give away if I had a show and cool free gifts to give to my audience of women who would start to cry before they saw the first gift.

Chante’s Favorite Things

Striped Flannel Pajamas

(The vertical stripes with fun colors, cause if you’re gonna wear flannel, they might as well look kinda cool.)

Warm, Fuzzy Socks

(Cause if your feet are cold…)

A Plush Robe

(I think you get the point by now.)

The Very Best of Fred Hammond CD

(This is my favorite musical artist.

His music is funky, fun, heartfelt, and uplifting.)

The NIV Teen Study Bible

(This is the very first Bible that I owned. It’s cool, colorful, and a great way to introduce a teen or young person to God.)

My Mom’s Fried Chicken Recipe

(We really are thinking about packaging it and selling it, it’s that good.)

Something Chocolate

(Cause chocolate makes everything better!)

The BlackBerry Curve 3G Smartphone

(I just got it and I’m as happy as a logophile with an electronic dictionary.)

The iPad

(Why? Because it just looks cool and you can do everything with it, except maybe cook dinner, although I’m sure that you can find instructions on how to on it.)

20 lbs of Firewood

(Cause nothing goes better with the winter cold than a nice fire.)

A fireplace installation, in case you don’t have one

(Cause isn’t that what Oprah would do?)

If I do end up with my own talk show one day, maybe I’ll actually be able to give out these treats.

Now wouldn’t


be something?