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Book Review: I’m Just a DJ But…It Makes Sense to Me by Tom Joyner with Mary Flowers Boyce

My Grade: C

, but worth a skim if you have an interest in either entertainment or African American culture

I’m no professional book reviewer, but I found Tom Joyner’s

I’m Just a DJ But…It Makes Sense to Me

, though filled with illustrious tidbits of advice, to be only mildly entertaining, which is disappointing because Joyner has made a living entertaining audiences.

Throughout the book, Joyner, with the help of Mary Flowers Boyce, recounts his rise to fame and wealth, beginning with his chubby roots in Tuskegee, Alabama. His story is inspiring, but his voice felt muted throughout the story. Perhaps this is what happens when you write a book



Ordinarily, I’d write a full review, but since it’s a comical, playful book, I’ll write a lite review.

Here are some noteworthy topics covered:

  • The importance of dreaming bigger
  • Why he’s unapologetically ethnocentric
  • How he bought a college (and how you can make enough money so that you too can buy a college)
  • Why he loves all women (even though he's happily married)
  • Random snippets of advice, such as “If you get busted making a videotape, make a hit gospel song.”

It wasn’t my favorite read of the year, but it did give me insight into a man I’ve only heard about in passing.  Plus it offered tips on how I too can create and run my own media empire!