Where's the Party At?

The woman two rows in front of me wears a beautiful lavender satin dress, sleeveless, revealing her brown skin, knee-length, with a white petticoat underneath. I know it's white because the white netting peaks out cautiously underneath the lavender fabric. She lifts her hands, singing. Rhinestone drop earrings dangle from her ears, reflecting small rays of light around the church as she moves her arms and body back and forth and back and forth in praise. I stare at her. She's wearing a party dress, to church. Last week, she wore a black, floor-length gown. Why?

I watch her worship, and I begin to know. Going to church isn't just a mundane, weekly routine. To her, going to God's house is special, something to celebrate each and every week. Rhinestones are her way of setting Sunday a part. Satin--her way of celebrating the sabbath. She would never dare wear jeans. She dresses up because it's important to her.

And although I don't believe that what you wear to church is as important as the fact that you come, I celebrate her celebration. In fact, I want to emulate it. This next week, I just might show up at one of my friend's houses in a ball gown, high heels, and my pearl necklace, just to let her know how important she is to me!