Today I shot a commercial for Living Spaces.  One thing I love about being on camera is that you get to go through "Hair & Make-Up," where your make-up is applied by a professional (who usually spends about an hour on you face, meticulously grooming every part of it {from your eyelashes, to your eyebrows, to any other facial hair that otherwise shouldn't be there}).  Then that same person (or a different one) curls, pins, pulls, and sprays your hair, primping it to camera perfection.

This evening, before I washed off all of my make-up, I looked at my face in the mirror.  It looked perfect.  My skin looked even and flawless, my cheeks were rosy.  I smiled.  As the cloth began to wipe away the make-up, however, I begin to see the many imperfections: the uneven skin tone, the dark areas under my eyes (from years of wearing heavy glasses), and the tiny dark spots, small reminders of blemishes of former days.

Then it hit me: This is how God sees his children.  Those us of who have been reconciled to Him through Christ are cleansed from all impurities and imperfections through Christ's blood.  We aren't perfect (no--we are often selfish and proud and have been known to tell a lie or two, ... or twenty), but to Him, it's as if we've never done any wrong, as if we've never sinned.  We are flawless.  When He looks at us, he sees no inconsistencies, no dark areas, no signs of past mistakes.  We are camera-ready, picture perfect.  We are his children.  He smiles.

For this I'm thankful.  (And for my Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundation. It works wonders!)