Summer's Simplicities

Summer’s here!  Are you enjoying it?

Summer is the perfect time to:

  • Take a Walk
  • Plant a Garden
  • Go Swimming
  • Reconnect with Old Friends
  • Learn a New Hobby

This summer, I’m learning to sew. (It’s about time I put the sewing machine I received four Christmases ago to good use!)  My goal: to make cute summer skirts and dresses.  Did you know that you can buy a yard of fabric for only a few bucks and make either a skirt or a dress for under $10?

I started to make my first dress this week.  I got the fabric in the Caribbean, while on vacation with my two of my best friends last year.  It’s bright and flowery, just like summer.  I don’t know how well it will turn out, cause it’s my very first project, but I’m proud of myself for trying.  I’ll keep you posted on how it turns out.

What are you doing this summer?