Mid-Year Reflections

Today is the first day of the second half of 2010.  Hard to believe, huh?

This year is not at all what I envisioned it to be, but it's better than I could have dreamed it could be.
I began the year with a list of goals totaling eight pages.   Half way into the year however, I've scratched off many of those goals and put some on hold.  Why? Because I'm discovering (slowly) that it's okay.  (See blog post It's Okay.)  It's okay not to get so much accomplished; It's okay to rest more and not maximize every moment.

Day by day, I am learning the meaning of what God said ten years ago, when I was asking what I should do with my life.  He told me, "Who you become is much more important than what you do."

My being a loving daughter is more important than my being a prolific writer.  My being a compassionate friend and colleague is more important than my being a highly sought after speaker.

So, as I reflect about what I've accomplished during the first half of 2010, what stands out isn't just what I've accomplished, but whom I've become in the process.  I am grateful that I am more loving, and compassionate, and patient than I was six months ago.  I am less fearful, and anxious, and driven.

As a result, I look forward to the rest of this year, not just for what I can accomplish, but for the internal work that can be accomplished in me.

How has the first half of the year gone for you? Whom do you want to become?