It Gets Sweeter

Ever notice that when you really want to be with someone, you’re willing to wait for them?  Wait for them to call you back, wait for them to come home from work, wait for however long it takes.

Why is it that sometimes, we don’t display this same patience with God?  We ask Him a question, and if He doesn’t answer immediately, we’re upset.  Or, we want to feel His presence during prayer or in a certain situation, but get either bored or frustrated if we don’t’ sense it right away.

The crazy cool and unexpected thing, though, is that with God, the waiting isn’t just the pre-requisite to being with Him.  The waiting is

a part of

the being with, cause it’s when we’re waiting for Him that He comes  (sometimes unnoticed) and begins to change us so that we can experience Him more deeply, daily.

Today, I waited on God.

It was like honey to my soul.