4 More Ways To Make Sure You DON'T Snag A New Job

9.7% of Americans are unemployed, according to Trading Economics. And anecdotal evidence suggests that the percentage is higher because many people, convinced that they won’t find a job, have just stopped looking.

If you’re unemployed, partially employed, or hoping to switch gigs, here are a few tips that I used that helped me land my new gig.

4 Ways To Make Sure You DON'T Snag A New Job:

4.  Prioritize something else. 

Unless you’re either a millionaire or have oodles and oodles of money in your reserves, finding a job should be your number one priority.  Many people, who thought that they would be able to secure a job within a month or two, have yet to find jobs, and they were let go of in 2009.  Rejuvenation is good, taking time to figure out what you want to do next is great, and reconnecting with family and friends is invaluable, but don’t forget to make getting a job your top commitment.

3.  Blend in.

Like everyone else, send in a bland cover letter, citing three reasons why you are the perfect candidate, and close it with a request for an interview—not!  Find a way to set yourself apart from other candidates.  Some ideas include: starting the cover letter by saying,” You should hire me.  Really.” and then spend the rest of the letter saying why.  Or, begin with a story that sheds light on your character, background, or experience.  Some folks are even creating their own websites, while others are shooting and sending video résumés.  I created a one-sheet for a job interview I had a while back.  I used two columns to compare what the company was looking for, to my qualifications.  Bullet point by bullet point I showed how my experience matched up to their requirements.  I included the company's logo on one side, and my picture on the other. It was concise and clean. It must have worked, cause I landed the job the following week.

Do something—anything—that sets you apart from the rest.

2.  Do What You’ve Always Done.

If what you’ve always done isn’t getting you the results you want, then maybe you should try something different.  If you’ve always just had one résumé, have you thought about having two to three different résumés? One of my friends has three résumés: marketing, administrative, and gaming.  Each résumé focuses on a different job sector and highlights skills and experiences most relevant to that sector.

Have you always just gone online to find jobs? If so, maybe you should ask family members and friends.  Is networking how you primarily secure jobs? If yes, there could be a cool job waiting for you online, or maybe even in the classifieds.

1.  Just Do The Basics.

When you get called in for the interview, don’t just read the company’s website.  Study it. Memorize parts.  And then, think about how you would fit in with the company.  How do its values and mission connect to yours?   Be prepared to talk about this during your interview, and I guarantee you that you will wow them!