You Ready to Set-It-Off?

Have you ever felt that there was so much to do, and not enough time? Is there a long list of things that you want to do—projects that you want to complete, but you’re unsure of how to tackle them?
Fall of 2009, after completing a summer teaching gig, I found myself underemployed with a laundry list of career and personal goals. I had promised God that since I was only working part-time, that I would steward my time especially well, making it a point to do a lot of the things that would be much more difficult if I worked full-time.
Then, voila, I heard that Set-4-Life* was beginning! Set-4-Life is a 90-day game that helps you reach your goals and work towards your life’s purpose. Each player creates a list of goals, including an accountability plan, and is paried with a partner, given a coach, and placed on a team. Individuals compete against each other & teams challenge each other. But the most intense competition is the one you have against yourself.
*You can play the game from anywhere in the U.S. or the world!
My Set-4-Life goals included:
  1. A spiritual goal—continuing to pray every day (or nearly every day) for a specified amount of time.
  2. A physical fitness goal—working out 5 times a week.
  3. An intellectual goal—5 hours of book reading each week.
  4. Numerous career goals, which included writing, memorizing & practicing scripts, and projects.
  5. A financial goal, which shall remain anonymous because this is the Internet, after all.
The Results:
Here’s some of what I did in my 60-day game (the fall game was shorter):
  • I wrote 6 articles, read 7 books, learned countless scripts, created a website, developed a more fit, and yes-bangin body. And I became best friends with Jesus.
I got more done in two months than I had in the previous nine months of 2009! Set-4-Life took my understanding and application of achievement to another level. But just as important as what I accomplished is what I learned.
I learned:
  • What motivates me vs. what creates a sense of drudgery within me.
  • That sometimes the thought, “I’m tired” is a good reaston to stop working, but a lof of the time, it’s just a state of mind that, if ignored, fades away.
  • That laser-like focus and painful sacrifice are necessary ingredients in the pie of life. (Cheesy? Yeah. True? Oh yeah.)
  • Lots more, but this is blog, not a book! (But if you wanna know more, just ask!)
The next Set-4-Life game begins on Monday, February 8, 2010. It’s 90 days that will change your life!
If there’s anything you’ve been wanting to do—any project you have yet to finish, any habit or discipline you want to cultivate, then you should play Set-4-Life.
Go to NOW to find out more info and to register!