Mo' Mo'Nique, Mo' Mo'Nique, Mo'!

Thank goodness fall ain’t the only thing October brought in! On October 5, 2009, comedian, actress, & author Mo’Nique debuted her late night talk show,

The Mo’Nique Show

, on B.E.T. (That’s Black Entertainment Television for those of you who ain’t in the know.) And while I like Jay Leno and can tolerate Conan, David Letterman, and Jimmy what’s his face, television has never seen


like Mo’Nique before. (Not even when Arsenio was on the air, and God knows I


that show! Woof, Woof, Woof!)

Here are 10 Reasons why you should watch

The Mo’Nique Show



Big is Beautiful!

She’s got flab on her arms, and she wears strapless dresses, unapologetically! I wish we all could be so free.


She keeps it Real.

Mo’Nique is like yo crazy cousin or girlfriend that you only go out with on certain occasions cause you not sure how she gone act. She says what everybody else is thinking, but is too afraid to say & she does whatever the hell she wants!


You can get your Groove On!

Everybody knows black people love music, so the show begins with and features some sho-nuf, make-you-get-up-and-dance music. Mo’Nique comes out dancing, and the crowd follows suit.



Finally, a man is the sidekick to a woman! She teams up with funny-man Rodney Perry and the two make a hilarious, dynamic duo.


It’s F.U.B.U.!

The show truly is For Us, By Us. Mo’Nique and her husband Sydney Hicks produce the show, and it definitely feels like it was created


black people,


black people.



She’s Your Play-Sister.

Monique talks to you like you’re family. (It always feels good to have somebody call you “Baby!”) She makes you feel right at home, like you’re at one big televised family reunion.


She does it



Following Tyler Perry’s example of creating new models in Hollywood, Monique’s does late night in a new way. Yeah, she’s funny, but you won’t find her spitting out a stream of jokes penned by writers. Instead, she delivers a heartfelt comedic monologue. Then she interviews famous and not-so-famous artists who may or may not have current projects to plug. To close, she dishes out advice to viewers in a format that is a cross between a sermon and a self-help message—and it works.



In an age where celebrities are stalked and hounded by fans and paparazzi, most black entertainers don’t receive nearly as much fanfare.  

The Mo’Nique Show

features artists who don’t get tons of props from mainstream press outlets.


It’s a good laugh.

Proverbs 17:22 says that laughter is good for the soul. It is, and Mo’Nique dishes it out Monday through Friday. On the night the show premiered, I laughed so much in the first five minutes alone that I knew I had found my new late night home.


Black people on T.V.!

Enough said.

The Mo’Nique Show:

11P.M. on B.E.T. Check it out! (Even if you’re not black.)